05 Nis 2020

Dear Esteemed Prospective Participants;

Upon the cancellation of all the conferences across Turkey, our conference has been suspended as well. We still have hope to achieve the conference since it is scheduled on May 29th-31st. We will be very happy to inform you in case of any update enabling us to carry it into action.
Best regards..

Bursa Social Sciences High School Model United Nations

May 29th-31st 2020

13 committees in 6 languages

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Letter from Secretary-General


Prestigious readers, participants, sponsors, liveware ;

     This notice is generally fulfilled with extremely strict, set and enthusiastic sentences as if it is a vocal libretto to encourage the ones who read it and to justify the causes of the conference. Howbeit, our situation is a little bit more relieved. Since our team is extremely proficient and calibrated at what they do -long live their names- they are enough to provide the necessary encouragement and the ‘’just’’ that we need. This is the foremost reason we are eligible for this such of an undertaking.

    Forementioned undertaking is the one we utterly desire you to accompany us to experience the refined professionalism and academic efficiency.

  Munso2020 will not only aid your academic efficiency by adding your experience hull in a sophisticated way but also will literally materialize your academic prospectus since this conference is approved by Turkish Ministry of Education. The certificate and awards you obtain via this particular conference will support your academic life and future prospect. 

  Munso2020’ is a professionally organized academic conference based on earlier background aiming to host hundreds of delegates and staff members operating in multiple languages while providing the best. Incalculable amounts of efforts are spent and burdens are beared on the framework of this organization. Thus, I would like to express my gratitude to the ones who beared this burden by all means possible.

Berat Çağan Dürtek

Secretary General

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28 May, Friday [First Day]: 09.30-10.30: Check in 10.30-11.30: Opening Ceremony 11.30-13.00: First Session 13.00-14.30: Lunch 14.30-15.30: Second Session 15.45-16.15: Coffee Break 16.15-17.30: Third Session 29 May, Saturday [Second Day]: 09.45-12.00: Fourth Session 12.00-13.00: Lunch 13.00-15.00: Fifth Session 15.00-15.30: Coffee Break 15.30-17.30: Sixth Session 30 May, Sunday [Third Day]: 9.45-12.00: Seventh Session 12.00-13.00: Lunch 13.00-15.00: Eighth Session 15.00-15.30: Coffee Break 15.30-17.00: Ninth Session 17.00-18.30: Closing Ceremony